Sunday, 31 May 2015

Corporation Critique

The Corporation Critique 

What is the principal purpose of this documentary?
The documentary show how a commercial (modernized) has been entitled to most of the some legal rights as to a real person. This is mostly shown in north america and is based on the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States  

What does the film critique? 
 The film attempts to compare corporations to humans in the respect of, feeling, recklessly caring for others, lying and manipulative, respecting the law, and maintaining friendships.

What methods did the filmmaker use to increase public awareness about Corporate responsibilities and the affect on people and their beliefs and behavior?
The filmmakers interviewed real CEO's and different viewpoints from business gurus, which depending on the wording could affect how people think about and react to the corporations around the world. 

Did you have any issues with this documentary? What were some parts that you did not agree with, or questions. Why?
No I didn't have any problems with the movie at all. I understood the different sides to the corporation world and how it affects people in different ways and that everyone has an opinion. 

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Video Game reflection

Rhyan McIntosh
Video Game
Adobe Flash


I learned how to use Adobe Flash for the first time and I found it easy to use once I got the flow of it. Also I learned how to change a video game through Adobe Flash.


I had some different ideas for the project but the one I chose was to do a religion one because I though it would be fun. I found the name of different religions from around the world and copied them onto the flip side of the card and found more images for the background and on the back side of the cards.


I tried to balance the text on all the cards so they would line up once you flipped over the cards to see if they matched up. I kept the colors basic so there wasn't too much going on. I made the cards transparent once they were flipped over so you could see the game background at the end once all cards were paired and gone.


I really wanted to see what the end product would look like and if it worked properly and smoothly without any glitching. Which it worked after the third time of trying to get it right.


If I had more time I would have made the colours pop more than the blue, gray, and black I had. I was surprised at how easy it was to use the program after I got use to it. I thought the background was the most interesting to me because it shows different religions from around the world and what the symbols are too.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Spirited Away Critique

1. Spirited Away incorporates many elements from classical Western literature and folklore: people who magically turn into pigs (the Odyssey); the hero’s quest; the prohibition against eating the food of the Faerie (Irish folklore); a girl who goes to Grandma’s house (“Red Riding Hood”); the need to solve riddles. Do these familiar elements make the story easier to understand, or does their appearance in a Japanese film make them too alien to be helpful?
   I don't think the western literature and folklore make the film alienated. I think adding the western parts in to the film make it somewhat easier for kids to understand what’s going on and possible what might happen next if they are from the western part of the world and also to the Japanese kids because the Japanese do tell about the western folklore to their young kids

5. Does it make sense to think of bodies of water as possessing spirit? Have you ever had a relationship with a river, a pond, an ocean, or the rain that prompted you to speak to water? Have you ever been rescued by a body of water? Have you ever cleaned a body of water?

   Yes, I think it does make sense to think of bodies of water as possessing spirits. When it rains, I clear my mind of stress and worry because I find the rain to be very peaceful and calming. I just talk to myself out loud about what's on my mind and I don't even think what I'm saying I just let it all come out. And soon enough I feel better and as if someone was listening to me and didn't ask questions afterwards.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Re-vamp a Video Game

Rhyan McIntosh 
Re-vamp a Video Game
Media Arts

  Possible themes for a re-vamped Memory Game

 I want to represent each religion through their corresponding symbols and have the matching card with what they worship/believe in

  Cliques in schools
 I want to represent cliques in schools by having the card show what each clique could be with a symbol like a jersey for jocks/hockey kids